Bathroom door with a garden inspired carving on the front an outhouse carving on backside

This page attempts to show the process I took to carve deep relief carvings on both sides of a 15 3/4 inch wide by 37 1/4 inch  long piece of basswood completed 1/10/2010.

The carving was used as the upper panel for a custom made ash door for a half bath or washroom off the sunroom.
The garden inspired side of the carving which has the bird house, bird and flower was drawn on the piece of rough basswood by my daughter . The carving on the opposite side that is on the inside of the washroom was drawn by my son-in-law which is a quirky scene of an out house.

To enlarge any of the photos, click on it.

The photos toward the bottom of this page will show the raw carvings.

The images shown were taken at different times of the day which shows how the tones are varied with the amount of sunlight in the sunroom.

The next few photos show some shots at multiple angles.

The next few close-up photos show some of the detail.

Below are the rough start of the carvings.

The carving result to the left  will be the front side of the door panel which faces the sunroom side of the room.

This carving result to the left is reverse side of the carving above which has the garden inspired theme with bird, birdhouse and flowers. This side will face the washroom.

These are the stiles for the door after routing the slots for the panels and tenons.